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Dovetail Recreation Area


  1. Fishing is permitted
  2. Lake
  3. Multi-purpose play field
  4. No swimming allowed
  5. Sand volleyball courts
  6. Small, non-motorized watercraft allowed
  7. Walking trail
  8. Wetlands

Park Description
Dovetail Recreation Area is a combination of active play space south of Oakdale Boulevard, and an environmentally rich nature experience north of Oakdale Boulevard.  As visitors walk the paved walking trail, they can observe wildlife in both deep-water habitat and in wetland habitat. The wetlands and lake were built as part of the Dovetail housing development as a permit for wetland impacts.  It was later deeded to the City of Coralville in 2005 for a city park.  

Parking is available south of Oakdale Boulevard, and is shared with Agudas Achim.

Park Health
As a wetland mitigation through the US Army Corp of Engineers, the park is monitored for wetland health and the City contract for periodic reports.
View the Dovetail Wetland Assessment Report: 2015  (PDF)
View the Dovetail Pond & Wetland Assessment: 2021 (PDF)

Dovetail Recreation Improvement Plan 
A plan was developed based on wetland health reports and an open house held in June 2022. Upcoming projects include the addition of an observation boardwalk into the wetlands, interpretive signage, improving native vegetation around the lake, controlling invasive species, and opening the west side forested area for a nature trail to complete the walking loop.
View Dovetail Recreation Area Improvement Plan (PDF)

Interested in volunteering?
Sign up to be notified of Dovetail Recreation Area volunteer work days. Examples of projects include cutting willows, cutting cattails below water level, making and distributing seedballs, and planting trees and shrubs. For more information, contact Sherri Proud, Director of Parks and Recreation, at