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Tom Harkin Trailhead / Clear Creek Greenbelt


  1. Bike Fix It station
  2. Drinking fountain
  3. Information kiosk
  4. Parking (free)
  5. Ramp small water craft
  6. Restrooms
  7. Singletrack trail
  8. Walking trail

The Tom Harkin Trailhead is located on the north side of Clear Creek, just east of Camp Cardinal Boulevard.

The trailhead features restrooms, shelter, an information kiosk, parking, and a ramp for access to Clear Creek by small water craft.

It is adjacent to the 5.4 mile Clear Creek Trail.  The Clear Creek Trail will connect to Tiffin under I-80 and I-380 in the spring of 2024 when the interchange work is completed. With this connection to Tiffin and the County, the Clear Creek Trail will be over nine miles long.  Johnson County is working to connect the Clear Creek Trail on the west side of Tiffin to Kent Park.  

The Woodpecker Singletrack Trail can also be accessed from Tom Harkin Trailhead. There is an access point for the east leg at the turnaround circle at the trailhead and on the west side under the road bridge. There are over nine miles of singletrack in the Clear Creek Greenbelt with primary access points at Tom Harkin Trailhead and at Creekside Sports Park. 

View a Camp Cardinal Trailhead flyer.


In October 2014, the former Camp Cardinal Trailhead was renamed the Tom Harkin Trailhead in recognition of Senator Harkin’s work promoting health and wellness, and for his leadership in obtaining federal funds for the trailhead and for a portion Coralville’s Clear Creek Trail.