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Archery Range at Coralville Creekside Ballpark

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  1. Archery range


  • Ground level and raised level shooting pads. 
  • Handicapped access to solid surface shooting pad and solid surface parking. 
  • 50 yard range with multiple targets. 


Restrooms available: portable restroom at all times and flush restrooms and concession stand open when ballpark is open for play.  


Grass drive to range with limited parking or use Creekside Ballpark lot.  In wet conditions when grass drive may become rutted, the drive will be closed off and range will be accessed on foot.  


Head west on Highway 6 past Coral Ridge Mall and Lowes. Take the first left past Lowes (Deer Creek Road). Cross the bridge and turn right (340th Street). Follow parking lot to south end and follow grass drive to range area.  If range drive is closed due to wet conditions, park in paved lot and walk to range. 

Archery Range Rules

Follow these rules for the safety of all users of the park: 

  • Archers under 16 years of age must be accompanied by an adult. 
  • No one down range when archers are shooting.
  • Stay within shooting range while shooting.
  • Observers must stay behind the platform.
  • Shoot only at provided targets or lower part of berm. Shooting beyond berm may result in loss of use of range.
  • Broadhead tips are not allowed. Field tips only. 
  • Pick up used targets and other litter and take with you.
  • No outside food and beverages allowed at the range.