Will events be held if it rains?

The concert on July 3rd is scheduled to go on as anticipated, rain or shine. The stage is covered to protect the band and equipment from the elements. An outdoor concert can still be held even if it is raining, so concert-goers should plan accordingly. Both band representatives and City officials closely monitor the weather conditions.   

The parade is scheduled to be held rain or shine. In the event of severe weather that has the potential to impact the public’s safety outdoors, parade organizers and City officials will determine if a delay is necessary.  Both people watching the parade and those in the parade should plan accordingly and exercise their own judgement when deciding to attend or participate.

The Coralville Fire Department will hold the fireworks as scheduled as long as the weather conditions make it possible. In the event of rain, there is the potential to delay until the weather clears enough to operate the show.

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