Recreation Center Pass

Facility Pass Information
Visitors to the Coralville Recreation Center are required to either: 

  • Be enrolled in a paid program or rental, or 
  • Have a Rec Pass to check in and use the game room, gyms, racquetball, or drop-in programs. 

Current users with exercise room or pool passes do not need an additional pass. The exercise room or pool pass also serves as the Rec Pass. 

First Pass Is Free
There is no charge for the first pass. A replacement pass is $5. 

How to Use Your Rec Pass
Visitors to the Coralville Recreation Center will either scan their Rec Pass upon entry or will be directed to report to a program where attendance is taken. 

Who Can Get a Pass

  • Coralville residents and non-residents in 5th grade and above may obtain a Rec Pass.  
  • Children under 5th grade may enter under a parent's Rec Pass. 

How to Get a Rec Pass
To get started with a Rec Pass:

1. Set up a profile:

2. Then, have your pass printed at the Recreation Center.

  • You must show a driver's license, passport, Community ID, or a piece of mail with your name and address postmarked within the past thirty days. 
  • Staff will take your picture, complete the Rec Pass profile, and print your pass holder card.
  • Youth in 5th grade to 16 years of age may have a parent complete an application and bring to the Recreation Center, or stop in with a parent to complete the pass process. Download Youth Rec Pass Application (PDF)