How It Works

Your Best Lawn: How It Works

The soil quality restoration project requires specialized equipment to perform.

Step 1: Request a Quote

To start the ball rolling, request a quote from a qualified landscaping contractor.


Step 2: Contractor Visit

The qualified landscaping contractor will schedule a visit to your home to measure your lawn, contact Iowa One Call for locations of utilities in your yard, and give you an estimate.

Coralville City Hall

Step 3: Submit Application to the City of Coralville*

Reimbursement must be approved by the city before the service is performed. Submit your application online or download and print the application. Funding for this program is awarded on a first come, first served basis. Available grant funding renews each year.

*Grant applications will not be accepted as of October 27, 2022. We will begin accepting applications again in spring 2023. Application forms will be on this website when funds become available.

Deep tine aeration

Step 4: Aeration

Once you hire the contractor and select the date, they will go over your lawn with an aerator to bring plugs of the soil up to the surface. This will create temporary holes in your lawn.


Step 5: Compost Application

The last thing the contractor will do add compost to fill in those holes to help grow a green, lush, lawn.


Step 6: Water

Your lawn will need a lot of water until the grass sprouts. Your contractor will advise you on how much to water, and when.

Side by side of green grass

Step 7: Enjoy!

With a little time (and water) your yard will look great!


Contact a qualified landscaping contractor or reach out to Amy Foster, City of Coralville Stormwater Coordinator, at 319.248.1720.