Your Best Lawn

Your Best Lawn

Green Lawns Don't Have to Cost the Earth

Together with the cities of Iowa City and North Liberty and the Iowa Department of Natural Resources, we’ve created Your Best Lawn. Cleaner water in our streams starts in your backyard. We can help you get a lawn you are proud of with less chemicals.

Check out our soil health contractor list and learn about the rebates we offer to help you pay for soil quality restoration service.

Side by side lawn comparison


Iowans know that good soil makes all the difference! The lawn on the left has restored soil, the one on the right does not.
People grilling

More Enjoyable

After the soil restoration, you can spend more time enjoying your lawn and less time and money applying lawn chemicals! 

Child siting on grass eating watermelon


Less lawn chemicals means cleaner grass and less polluted runoff into local waterways. That's the reason we can help pay for this service!

Hear from Coralville Residents

“It has made a tremendous difference in the health of our lawn, greener, lusher and thicker.”
-- Pam E., Coralville
"Quality of the grass has improved greatly. Had been terribly compacted and now looks quite lush."
-- Jim G.
"My grass is much healthier, greener, and more full than it has ever been!"
-- Jeff M.
"In less than a month, the lawn is greener, fuller and thicker than other lawns that have had multiple rounds of fertilizer treatment."
-- Garrett R. 


Contact a qualified landscaping contractor or reach out to Amy Foster, Stormwater Coordinator, at 319.248.1720 or email Amy.