Fireworks Regulations in Coralville

Consumer Fireworks Are Banned

Using consumer fireworks is not allowed in Coralville. Do not shoot off fireworks in Coralville.
  • It is illegal to use any fireworks in Coralville, with the exception of fireworks displays handled by insured operators and approved by City authorities.
  • Violators face a minimum fine of $250 and can be held liable for damages they cause.
  • Fireworks are prohibited in many surrounding communities.

Novelty Fireworks

Novelty fireworks such as sparklers, snakes, or snaps remain legal.

Buying Fireworks

  • Even if you buy fireworks in Coralville, you cannot use them in the City of Coralville.
  • If you buy fireworks, you must store them safely and securely according to the manufacturer’s instructions and guidelines from the National Fire Protection Agency.

Selling Fireworks

  • The State made it legal to sell consumer fireworks in Iowa, but a city ordinance regulates selling them in Coralville. 
  • If you wish to sell fireworks in Coralville, contact the Coralville Fire Department at 319.248.1835 for specific requirements. 

Photo credit: Lucas Johnson

Fireworks Photo Credit Lucas Johnson


Leave the Show in the Skies to the Pros

If you are thinking about shooting off fireworks in Coralville, think again: 
  • Discharging fireworks risks injury, fire, and property damage. 
  • The sound of fireworks exploding can distress pets, veterans suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, and children. 
  • Fireworks are extremely dangerous and should be used only by trained and insured professionals.  
  • According to the National Fire Protection Agency, in 2013, fireworks caused an estimated 15,600 reported fires in the U.S. and in 2014, an estimated 10,500 people were seen in a U.S. hospital emergency room as a result of fireworks-related injuries.

How to Get Rid of Unused Fireworks

If you have unused fireworks to get rid of, drop them off by appointment at the Coralville Fire Station for safe disposal. To make an appointment, call the Coralville Fire Department at 319.248.1835.

Report a Concern

To report a concern regarding the use of illegal fireworks:
  • Call the Police non-emergency line at 319.248.1800
  • Provide the location and any additional information
  • Police will respond to fireworks-related calls as officers are available
  • Dial 911 only for emergencies

Where to See Fireworks

Enjoy Coralville’s annual 4thFest fireworks display:
  • July 4 beginning at 9:45 pm during 4thFest.
  • Fireworks are discharged by trained pyrotechnicians from the Coralville Fire Department