Coral Ridge Avenue Improvements

Coral Ridge Avenue Improvements: Oakdale Boulevard to Forevergreen Road

Coral Ridge Avenue from Oakdale Boulevard to Forevergreen Road underwent total reconstruction in 2018 and continued in 2019. This was the final section of Coral Ridge Avenue to be improved.
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This widened one mile stretch of Coral Ridge Avenue features:
  • Four lanes (widened from the current two lanes), with a raised center median and dedicated turn lanes at all intersections
  • Upgraded traffic signals at both Oakdale Boulevard and Forevergreen Road
  • New traffic signals at both University Parkway and Wheaton Road
  • New pedestrian tunnel just north of Oakdale Boulevard
  • New 10' trail along the west side of Coral Ridge Avenue
  • New storm sewer system and stormwater quality enhancements
  • Roadway lighting and landscaping


Looking Ahead

  • The west side trail will be reconstructed in spring or summer 2020 to fix cross-slope problems. 
  • The streetscape around the Coral Ridge Avenue/Forevergreen Road intersection will be completed in spring 2020.
*Updated March 13, 2020
Coral Ridge Ave Improvements

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Pre-Project Planning

Duct Banks

In anticipation of the 
project, underground duct banks were proactively constructed in 2017. These duct banks provided places for the private utilities companies to relocate their overhead and underground facilities to be out of the way before the 2018 improvement projects. The duct banks should minimize delays caused by private utility relocations, which can be common during street projects.

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