Iowa Arena

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About the Iowa Arena Project
A new arena and athlete training center are part of a project that Coralville hopes to build in the Iowa River Landing (IRL), a 180-acre mixed-use development located on Interstate 80 at Exit 242 (1st Avenue). 

Contact Us

  1. Kelly Hayworth

    City Administrator
    City of Coralville

    Ph: 319.248.1700

    Josh Schamberger

    Iowa City / Coralville Area Convention and Visitors Bureau

    Ph: 319.337.6592

Informational Open House

An open house was held at the Coralville Public Library on August 18, 2016. Staff from the City of Coralville and the Iowa City/Coralville Area Convention and Visitors Bureau were present to answer questions, and the following were in display:

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Iowa Arena at a Glance
On E. 9th Street at the gateway to the Iowa River Landing District

Seating Capacity
Seating capacity of 6,216 

A single full-size sheet of ice will support the University of Iowa Club Hockey Team, the Iowa City-Coralville Hockey Association youth teams, and a possible United States Hockey League (USHL) team (currently under negotiations with Coralville). 

The Arena will have the flexibility to host a multitude of athletic events and tournaments, from wrestling and basketball to indoor football and soccer, in addition to concerts, family shows, and special events. 

Other Developments in the Iowa River Landing

Iowa Fitness & Sports Performance Institute

The Institute will operate as a one-of-a-kind, state of the art, multi-use facility for athletes of all ages and disciplines. The space will be dedicated to sports science and advanced training metrics in the form of a human performance lab where physical therapists, nutritionists, specialized strength and conditioning coaches, and other industry professionals will lead evaluation and instruction. The Institute will be connected to the Iowa Arena and many athletic/training events will have the ability to share crossover opportunities. 


This mixed-use, multi-story building on the north end will be adjacent to the Iowa Arena, on the south side of E. 9th Street. This space will dedicate 25,000 square feet each to a permanent home for the Antique Car Museum of Iowa and Johnson County Society Historical Museum, office space, and retail space. 

Drury Hotel

This will be the second Drury property in the state of Iowa; the Iowa River Landing location will be a 180-room facility.

Staybridge Suites/Mixed Use

This 120-room hotel property will have a physical connection and walkway to the Iowa Fitness and Sports Performance Institute.

Parking Ramp 

Located along E. 2nd Street, a 750-space, three-level ramp will serve Drury Inn guests, University of Iowa Hospital and Clinic patients, and area patrons. 

Mixed Use 1

This mixed use, three-story building on the corner of E. 9th Street and Quarry Road will include 40,000 square feet for ground-level indoor parking, 20,000 square feet for retail space, and 60,000 square feet for residential condominiums. 

Building C

Located on the corner of E. 2nd Avenue and E. 9th Street, this building will include underground parking, first floor retail space, 12 luxury townhomes for owner occupancy, and 64 urban condominiums available for lease.

Building G

This mixed use, multi-story building will be east of Building C on E. 9th Street. Plans include 40 stalls of underground parking; a first floor with 14,000 square feet of commercial space, part of which could be occupied by a restaurant; and three upper floors offering a combined 36 condos.