Memorials & Celebrations

About Memorial & Celebration Opportunities
Coralville Parks and Recreation has several opportunities for projects to honor a loved one or to commemorate a special achievement. For more information, please contact Sherri Proud at 319.248.1750 or download a flyer (PDF).

Commemorative Options
  • A tree can be purchased and planted on City property in parks, open spaces, and at the golf course. Memorial trees are recognized with an engraved inscription on a stone at the base of the tree. Parks staff will help to select an appropriate tree species and location, and they will plant, water, and maintain the tree. Tree price varies for the type and size of tree.
  • Price: $500-$750
Theater Seat
  • A gift in celebration of the performing arts in Coralville can be made through a theater seat gift at the Coralville Center for the Performing Arts. Seat sponsors are recognized on a recognition plaque in the main and upper lobbies.
  • Price: Balcony seats $500, main floor seats $750
Park Bench
  • Park benches are placed in parks, at City facilities, and along trails. Each bench has a place for an inscription. The City has selected a standard park bench style for most locations, but other options may be available for a special area.
  • Price: $900
Scholarship Funds
  • Every child deserves the opportunity to learn how to swim, play a team sport, or attend a craft class. Scholarships provide funding for children to attend classes that teach lifelong leisure skills. Gifts of recreation provide families peace of mind that their child will be able to participate, even when the family is struggling financially.
  • Recognition is given annually in the Parks & Recreation Activity Guide and at the Coralville Recreation Center lobby.
  • Price: $25 and greater
Site-Specific Gifts
  • Gifts such as bleachers, shelters, trail kiosks, or other opportunities may be available. These gifts may have naming opportunities associated with the project.
  • Price: These are larger gifts. Please contact Sherri Proud, Director of Parks and Recreation, at 319.248.1750 to visit about site-specific gifts.