ALICE (Violent Intruder Response Program)

Violent Intruder Response Program
What is ALICE?
ALICE (Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, and Evacuate) is a violent intruder response program designed to increase the chances of survival during a violent intruder event.  The Coralville Police Department has four officers who are trained ALICE instructors and assisted with the implementation of ALICE in the Iowa City Community School District.

History of ALICE
ALICE was created by a law enforcement officer and his wife, an elementary school principal, after the Columbine High School shooting in Colorado. Since ALICE began in 2001, it has been adopted by more than 900 organizations representing more than one million people. Learn more about ALICE at

Responding to Threatening Behavior
Most violent intruder situations last between five and seven minutes. Typically, first responders take longer than that to enter a compromised building. Research shows that civilians have stopped active shooter events twice as many times as police intervention because the civilians were already there.

ALICE Training in Our Community
The Coralville Police Department provides ALICE training to public schools. ALICE through Navigate 360 trains private organizations on being better prepared to respond to violence with confidence and resilience. 

Because we cannot predict when or where violent intruder events will take place, ALICE training helps provide the tools needed to increase the chances of survival. ALICE training:

  • Equips participants with strategies to better prepare for life-and-death encounters
  • Addresses each ALICE component in detail so that it can be used dynamically in each unique situation