Commemorative Buttons

Celebrate Coralville's History

Each year, from 2013 until Coralville's 150th birthday in 2023, Coralville unveils a special limited edition, individually-numbered commemorative button. The annual button highlights a location, event, or person significant to Coralville's history.

Purchase a 2023 Button

Two hundred and fifty individually-numbered pins are on sale at Coralville City Hall, 1512 7th St., while supplies last.

  • $3.00 per button
  • $15.00 for all 11 buttons (2013-2023)
Proceeds support Coralville Festivals including 4thFest, FRYfest, BrrrFest, and Aisle of Lights.
Buttons 2013 to 2015

About the 2023 Button

The logo for Coralville's 150th anniversary was created to uniquely reflect our rich history and bright future.2023 150th button

  • The coral in the upper left corner represents our city's namesake. The town was christened "Coralville" for the fossilized corals found in natural rock exposures along the Iowa River, including where the foundation was dug for mills along the river in the 1800s.
  • The wheel in the lower left corner represents Coralville's biking and recreational trails, as well as the river-powered mills of Coralville's early days. It also represents the Mormon pioneers who stayed in Coralville in 1856 and 1857, preparing for a 1,300 mile journey from the Midwest to Utah, towing their belongings in handcarts. 
  • The tree symbolizes Coralville's many parks and open spaces, and the growth of our community.
  • Fireworks in the upper right corner represent our community's festivals and celebrations, including Coralville's 4thFest fireworks.
  • The iconic 1876 schoolhouse in the lower right corner, with its native limestone foundation and cast iron star claps, was where generations of children in Coralville went to school; it is on the National Register of Historic Places and still sits on 5th Street.
  • The vibrant colors of the logo represent the diversity of our community and Coralville's bright future.

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About the button artwork: The Coralville Strip on Highway 6The Coralville Strip on Highway 6. Coralville, IA. Celebrating 149 years of history in 2022
Sometime after 1950, the stretch of U.S. Highway 6 through Coralville became known as "The Strip." It developed into a major thoroughfare for travelers as automobile travel and tourism increased, and became well-populated with motels, restaurants, service stations, and businesses. "The Strip" had a considerable impact on Coralville's growth, and remains an important part of Coralville today.

With mid-century style graphics, the logo is a nod to the early years of The Strip. The sign mimics the sign of the Carousel Inn and Restaurant -- which was previously another local landmark, Loghry's Drive-In and Cafe -- at the corner of 1st Avenue and Highway 6. The Strip was known for the mixture of business signs that popped up along Highway 6 against a backdrop of utility poles along the roadway.

Coralville history: An example of a Coralville business on Highway 6
For long-running and current businesses, Harry’s Custom Trophies has been in Coralville, and always located on Highway 6, since 1957. The Manary family has owned and operated it since 1971, marking over 50 years of family ownership.

Here is the history, according to the current owners, Kevin and Rick Manary:

  • 1957: Harry’s Custom Trophies was opened by Harry and June Malichky out of their home at 2425 2nd Street (this is the location of the strip mall where Subway, Verizon, Red Ginger, etc. stand today). The business was then sold to a group of attorneys who had Bill Jennings manage it run it until Bill was eventually able to buy it from them. The years of these transactions are unknown. It remained Harry’s Custom Trophies by name and location. A building was added to the property that became the shop.
  • 1971: Jim and Carol Manary purchased the business, buildings, and property from Bill Jennings and kept the name Harry’s Custom Trophies. They remained at 2425 2nd Street but moved the business back into the home. The Manary’s never lived in the home.
  • 1989: Koffron Cabinets purchased the home, building, and property -- but not the business -- from Jim and Carol Manary. 
  • July 1989: Jim and Carol moved to the current location of 1725 2nd Street. 

Congratulations to the Manary family for their contributions to Coralville. Harry's Custom Trophies has served the City of Coralville throughout the years for our signage, trophy, and plaque needs.