Operating a Business in Coralville

Business License
The City of Coralville does not require a general business license. However, all businesses, including non-profit organizations, are required to obtain an Occupancy and Zoning Compliance Certificate from the City of Coralville to operate.

Certificate of Occupancy & Zoning Compliance
A Certificate of Occupancy and Zoning Compliance is required for any new structure, existing structures, and for any change in use. It certifies that at the time of issuance, the structure was in compliance with the ordinances regulating building construction or use, and conformed with the City Zoning Ordinance and Building Codes.

The Certificate of Occupancy and Zoning Compliance is necessary even if a building permit is not required when a change in use has occurred. Please contact the Community Development Department at 319.248.1720.    
Apply for a Certificate of Occupancy and Zoning Compliance

Building Information
New construction, remodeling, or relocating a business requires submitting construction plan drawings and an application in order to obtain a building permit. Through plan review and on-site inspections, a building permit ensures that new and remodel construction complies with the adopted building and fire codes and with all safety and maintenance requirements.    
Learn about building permits

Home-Based Business
Home-based businesses are intended for services that do not impact the enjoyment and residential character of a neighborhood. These are also known as "no-impact home-based businesses." These types of businesses are allowed in residential districts, as long as they meet specific conditions.

A no-impact home-based business is 1) any business that manufactures, provides, or sells goods or services, and is 2) owned and operated by the owner or tenant of a residential property on which the business operates, and 3) meets the following criteria:

  • The activities are limited to the sale of lawful goods and services.
  • The total number of on-site employees and clients does not exceed the occupancy limit for the residential property, as specified in the International Property Maintenance Code. 
  • The activities do not generate on-street parking or a large increase in traffic through the residential area.
  • The activities occur inside the home or in the yard.
  • The activities are not visible from an adjacent property or street.
  • No sign(s) advertising the home-based business is allowed.
  • The activities conform with all local fire, building, health, and sanitation codes.
  • The use is secondary to the use of the property as a residence. No more than 49% of the total area of the home may be used for the home-based business.

If a home-based business cannot meet these criteria, it is not allowed.

No Permit Needed
Home-based businesses that meet the above criteria do not require special permits to operate.  

Fire Safety Permit
Coralville City Ordinance 2008-1011 requires any business in the City of Coralville to have an annual fire safety permit. 
Fire safety permit information

Sign Permit
A sign permit is required for the installation of all signage.    
Learn about sign permits

Zoning & Land Use
General Information
When looking for a business location, contact the Community Development Department at 319.248.1720 to verify and obtain general zoning and land use information and allowable uses in various zoning districts. 

Zoning Map
The zoning map for Coralville is a layer on the Johnson County Property Information Viewer. To view this layer within the map, click on “Layer List,” and check both the boxes for “Zoning (Some Cities)” and “Coralville.”
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