Sign Permits

A sign permit is required for the erection of all signage. Sign standards for allowed signs are as follows:
  • Building Sign: Allowed in commercial and industrial districts only. The maximum building sign area per sign wall is equal to 15% of the sign wall on which the sign is located. Building signs include awning signs, canopy signs, fascia signs, parapet signs, painted signs, and window signs. No single building sign shall exceed 400 square feet.
  • Ground Sign: Allowed in commercial and industrial districts. One permanent on-premises ground sign per street frontage is allowed. Two square feet of sign area per lineal foot of lot frontage is allowed for the front yard. Example: 100-foot frontage = 200 feet of allowed signage for all sides of proposed sign. For secondary frontages, one square foot of sign area per one linear foot of lot frontage is allowed. The maximum sign face area per side is 100 square feet for Convenience Commercial District and 220 feet for Commercial and Industrial Districts. The maximum height for a ground sign in all districts is 25 feet.
  • Temporary Sign: Allowed in all zoning districts. Temporary sign permits may be renewed for up to two additional, consecutive 30-day periods, for a total display period not to exceed 90 days. Temporary sign banners must be firmly attached to the building.
  • Window Sign: Allowed in all zoning districts.  A permit is required for all window signs with the exception of hours of operation and payment method. 
No sign variances are allowed.  View the City Code of Ordinances 165.36.

Sign Permit Application Process

To apply for a sign permit the following is required and must sent to
  • Completed Sign Permit Application
  • Color elevation drawings showing size, dimensions, message, or logo
  • Site plan detailing wall area / street frontage
  • Site plan showing location of all proposed or existing signs
  • Sign company contact information
Sign Permit fee payment of $50 is due upon issuance of permit and must be issued in person prior to installation.

Prohibited Types of Signs

The following types of signs are prohibited:

  • Portable signs
  • Banner, pennant, balloons, and other similar signs
  • Twirling, revolving, swinging or other similar motion signs
  • Digital or electronic signs
  • Off-premise signs
  • Roof signs
  • Signs in the right-of-way
  • Signs that project over property lines or public property. 
  • Any sign closer than 10’ to the curb line of a public street or alley. 

Signs are not allowed in the right of way and must be out of the traffic visibility zone. Temporary yard signs (such as garage sale signs) can be placed in a yard, but not in a right of way. These signs should be removed 24 hours after the event.

Prohibited Signs