Fence Permits
A fence permit is required for installation of fencing. The fence permit fee is $25.00. 
Download a fence permit application

Fence Requirements
Please note that the following requirements apply:

  • Fences may be on the property line but must be set at least three feet back from the sidewalk.
  • Front yard fences may not exceed four feet in height.
  • No fence shall encroach into a traffic visibility zone or easement.
  • No fence shall exceed eight feet in height.
  • Wire fences are permitted only for livestock and other agricultural uses. Under no circumstances shall concertina wire be permitted.
  • Residents should check with neighborhood covenants for any additional requirements.
  • No fences are permitted in a front yard of any commercial zoning district.
  • Site plan and description of fencing type must be provided with fence application submittal.

Please contact the Community Development Department at 319.248.1720 for additional information.

Call Before You Dig
Before you dig, contact Iowa One Call at 800.292.8989.  Iowa law requires underground utilities to be located before any digging can begin.