Neighborhood Watch

Working Together to Reduce Crime
A healthy, united community is one of the strongest ways to deter crime. Neighborhood Watch, a crime prevention program organized by the Coralville Police Department, enlists the active participation of residents in cooperation with law enforcement to reduce crime, solve problems, and keep each other informed of suspicious activity within the watch area.

Get Involved
Neighborhood Watch meetings are held two to three times a year, and members become part of a phone tree to help spread information quickly when needed. 

Neighborhood Watch Area Signs
Once the Neighborhood Watch area is established, the Police Department erects signs designating the area as such. The signs have been known to deter would-be criminals, who know that watchful neighbors will alert police to any unusual activity in the area.

Annual Gatherings
Some Neighborhood Watch areas hold annual block parties or picnics to help everyone stay connected. Officers, as with any good neighbor, welcome an invitation to get to know everyone.

Current Neighborhood Watch Areas
  • 7th Ave. (600-800 block)
  • Coral View Heights (700-900 block 12th Ave., 700-900 block 14th Ave.)
  • Forest Edge Estates (Creek View Ct., 700-950 blocks of Forest Edge Dr., Forest Edge Ln., 2700-2800 blocks of Muddy Creek Ln., Wind Ridge Ct.)
  • Greenway Development (Kelsey Ct., Kelsey Ln., Michelle Ln.)
  • South Ridge Dr. (South Ridge Ct., 2041-2088 South Ridge Dr.)
  • Summit Hills (Fairview Dr., Fairchild St., Hughes St.)
  • Terra Ridge (Jessica Ln.) 
  • Terra Woods (Terra Ln.)
  • The Valley (215-285 Holiday Rd.)