Senior & Disabled Transit Passes

Coralville Residents
Residents that are disabled or 65 years old and older can receive free transit passes anytime. Riders must present a Coralville senior / disabled bus pass when boarding the bus.

How to Receive a Free Pass
Individuals 65 years old and older must:
  1. Present a current photo ID and proof of residency at Coralville City Hall to be issued a pass.
Persons with a disability must:
  1. Complete the top portion of the Disabled Bus Pass Program Form,
  2. Have their physician complete and sign the bottom, and
  3. Return it to Coralville City Hall with a current photo ID and proof of residency to be issued a pass.
Coralville Transit will honor Medicare cards and elderly / disabled passes from other transit systems.  Discounted fares of $0.50 are offered Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm and after 6:00 pm and all day Saturday (must present a valid pass or Medicare card when boarding the bus).

Visitors 65 and older and disabled persons without an eligible senior / disabled pass can contact Coralville Transit at 319.248.1790 for an off-peak discounted temporary pass.