Organized in 1929

The Coralville Volunteer Fire Department was organized on December 2, 1929. It consisted of a Chief, an Assistant Chief, and 12 firefighters.

First Apparatus

The first piece of apparatus was a used 2-wheeled hose cart and 1,000 feet of hose. An early City ordinance read, “The Fire Chief, at the time of the fire, may require any owner of any team of horses or automobile or any citizen to assist in hauling fire fighting apparatus to a fire.”

First Fire House

The first fire house was rented from a local citizen for $3 per month. In 1937, a new 2-stall fire station was built across the street from City Hall, then located on 2nd Avenue, for $965. 

The Department purchased their first fire truck that year. In 1969, the City annexed the Oakdale area, and the Oakdale Fire Department’s 1953 pumper was turned over to the Coralville Fire Department. In 1967 the Department was moved into the building, which presently houses the Coralville Police Department. 

Current Stations

In 1985 Station 1, located at 1501 5th Street, was built and occupied. The Department continued to grow, and in November 2009 construction of Station 2, located at 2525 Holiday Court, was complete. 

Current Volunteer Fire Department

Today the Volunteer Fire Department is served by over 40 volunteer firefighters, 5 paid members, a complement of equipment, and excellent facilities. 

Pictured: First apparatus

Hose Cart 1937