Stormwater Management

Managing Stormwater in Our Community

About Stormwater

Stormwater can pose a risk to our water resources. Pollutants in stormwater can impact lakes, streams, and rivers. Our community has adopted programs to control stormwater pollution.

The traditional approach to stormwater management focused on flood control. Today, Coralville manages both water quality and quantity by using practices that infiltrate more rainfall and reduce the volume of stormwater runoff.

What Is Stormwater Runoff?

Stormwater runoff is rainfall or snowmelt that runs off impervious surfaces like roads, buildings, and compacted soils. Stormwater runoff is collected and conveyed through storm sewers directly into streams, rivers, and lakes without being treated.

The Problem

Pollutants accumulate on impervious surfaces between rainfall events. Frequent, small rains wash pollutants into streams, rivers, and lakes. These pollutants negatively impact water quality.

As communities grow, impervious areas increase. Greater impervious surfaces cause the volume and rate of stormwater runoff to increase. This can result in flooding, stream channel degradation, and increased water pollution in our surface waters.
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  1. Residents
  2. Builders & Developers
Awareness, Responsibility, & Construction Sites
Prevent stormwater pollution, learn how pollutants are managed at construction sites, and report a stormwater concern.
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City Stormwater Regulations
See Coralville's requirements for the City's stormwater management program.
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Grants for Residents
Get help from the City when installing stormwater management practices on your property.
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Helpful Resources
Find guides to help you learn about and manage stormwater.
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Post-Construction Stormwater Ordinance & Redevelopment Policy
Learn about the ordinance that addresses how stormwater is managed on new development and re-development in our community.
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