Sidewalk Inspection Program

Program Information

The State Code of Iowa and City of Coralville ordinances assign the responsibility for repair and maintenance of sidewalks abutting properties in public rights of way to the property owners. 

The City has the responsibility to inspect sidewalks and property owners have the responsibility to arrange for repairs to be completed as necessary. 

How the Inspection Program Works

Engineering Department staff inspect sidewalks annually in one of five zones in the City to identify public sidewalks not meeting City standards and mark sidewalks requiring repair. Property owners are notified if their sidewalks do not meet inspection criteria. Then property owners must have the sidewalk(s) repaired or replaced.
  1. Inspection Criteria
  2. Inspection Area 
Code A: Separations
Sidewalk panel is raised 3/4" or more from an adjacent panel, creating a vertical edge; sidewalk panel is cracked or separated by 3/4" or more in width; or sidewalk panel is separated horizontally or vertically by 3/4" or more with any adjacent paved surface.
Code B: Vertical Change
Sidewalk panel is raised or depressed from normal grade by 2" or more within ten feet or less of sidewalk.
Code C: Broken Slab
Sidewalk panel is cracked into more than three pieces, with one or more loose pieces.
Code D: Ponding Water
Sidewalk panel is sloped or tilted, ponding water covering half or more of the sidewalk width.
Code E: Deterioration
Sidewalk has 50% surface deterioration and 1/2" surface depressions.

Repair Process

1. Sidewalks in the inspection zone(s) are inspected in the spring.  Sidewalks that do not pass inspection are marked with a pink "X".

2. If sidewalk repairs are needed or a sidewalk is missing, property owners:

  • Property owners are notified by certified mail, sent a repair permit, and given a deadline to construct or repair the sidewalk. There is no permit fee. 
  • The City reinspects the sidewalk upon completion of the repair.
  • All construction or repair of sidewalks should follow the City's specifications listed on the Sidewalk Construction Repair Permit (download PDF).  

3. If the repair is not complete by the deadline:

  • The property is placed on an assessment project list.
  • The sidewalks are repaired the following spring by a contractor hired by the City.
  • The property owner has to pay for the repair. The cost of the repair is based on the bid price.
    The property owners have the opportunity to pay for the repair before it is applied to their property taxes.