When are the fireworks?
The fireworks start on July 4th at dark, typically after 9:35 pm, in S.T. Morrison Park.

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1. Where is the parade?
2. Where can I park for 4thFest?
3. When are the fireworks?
4. Is the concert on July 3rd free?
5. Are sparklers allowed at 4thFest?
6. Are pets allowed at 4thFest?
7. Is smoking allowed at 4thFest?
8. Are coolers allowed at the 4thFest concert? Can I bring alcohol?
9. Can I put up a pop up tent/canopy for the concert?
10. Are grills allowed at 4thFest?
11. What items are not allowed in the park during 4thFest?
12. Are there seats in the park during 4thFest?
13. Where can I eat at 4thFest?
14. Where are the restrooms?
15. The concert is loud. What can I do?
16. I live on the 4thFest parade route. When will my street close?
17. Who is in charge of 4thFest?