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Building Department

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1. Do I need a permit to install a fence?
2. How do I make a complaint about my neighbor’s property?
3. Does the Building Department take credit cards?
4. Do I need a permit to install or display a sign or temporary banner?
5. Do I need a permit to put a storage shed in my yard?
6. Do I need a permit to re-roof or re-shingle my house?
7. How do I apply for a permit to build a deck?
8. Can I put a “House For Sale” sign on the corner of my street?
9. Can I park a vehicle in my yard?

Coralville Public Library

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1. How can I obtain a library card?
2. What bus goes to the library?
3. How can I change my online catalog pin number?
4. I forgot my online catalog pin number. How can I reset it?
5. Where is the library located?

Police Department

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1. What are your office hours?
2. What are the parking regulations in the City of Coralville?
3. Where can I pay a parking ticket?
4. Will the Coralville Police Department unlock my car?
5. What should I do if my purse or wallet is lost or stolen?
6. Where can I get a copy of a criminal history?
7. Where do I pay a traffic citation?
8. How do I have an officer check on my house while I'm out of town?
9. Is the Coralville Police Department currently hiring?
10. How do I get a copy of a police report?
11. How do I register my bicycle through the police department?
12. Does the Coralville Police Department provide fingerprinting services?
13. My vehicle has been impounded. How do I get it back?
14. Someone came to my door trying to sell something. Is door-to-door solicitation allowed in Coralville?
15. How do I file a complaint against the Coralville Police Department or a CPD officer?
16. Does the Coralville Police Department have a Reserve Officer program?
17. How can I find out if someone is on the Iowa Sex Offender Registry?
18. Does the Coralville Police Department offer internships?

Streets Department

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1. In what order are streets plowed?
2. How soon must I shovel my sidewalk?
3. Why does the plow leave snow at my driveway?

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