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Posted on: September 29, 2017

Guide to Fall Leaf Collection


Yard Waste Collection Dates

Yard waste is picked curbside on your regular garbage day until late November, weather permitting, and is available to all Coralville residences eligible for trash and recycling services.

How to Dispose of Fall Leaves

Choose from the following options to dispose of fall leaves:

  • Place leaves curbside in biodegradable Coralville yard waste bags, available at Coralville Hy-Vee, Lowe’s, Theisen’s, and City Hall for $1 each.
  • Place leaves curbside in your own 33-gallon container with an annual yard waste sticker, available at City Hall for $25.
  • Mulch / compost leaves for your own use.

For more information about yard waste pickup, call 319.248.1740.

Fall Leaf Collection Tips

When cleaning up fall leaves, please keep the following in mind:

  • Loose leaf piles are not collected.
  • Don’t place leaves in plastic bags; they cannot be recycled.
  • Don’t rake leaves into streets, ditches, or drainage ways. This can plug storm drains, carry lawn pollutants into waterways, blow leaves back into yards, and is not safe for bicyclists and pedestrians.
  • Burning leaves is not permitted.

Alternatives to Raking: Leave the Leaves

Leaves can be used to improve lawns and decrease the use of harmful fertilizers. To avoid bagging leaves, consider these alternatives:

  • Make mulch: mow your yard with the mower bag attached. Partially-shredded leaves can be used as mulch around gardens and landscaped areas, or raked into gardens to decompose over the winter.
  • Feed your lawn and reduce the need to bag leaves: mow over the leaves without a mower bag, and let nature turn the leaves into lawn nutrients without harmful chemicals. The mower chops up the dried leaves and grass clippings and deposits them back into the turf.
  • Recycle leaves by adding them to compost. Compost, a rich soil product made up of decomposed organic matter like yard waste and kitchen scraps, improves the soil quality of gardens, lawns, trees, plants, and shrubs.

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