Items Collected & Sorting Recyclables

How to Sort
Separate the items below in separate sacks.  Items not properly separated will be left at the curb.

Items Accepted Curbside & at the Coralville Recycling Center
  1. Paper
  2. Plastic
  3. Aluminum & Tin
  4. Cardboard
Chipboard (cereal boxes, etc. should be flattened and liners removed)
Envelopes (remove plastic window from window envelopes)
Junk mail
Newsprint with glossy inserts left in
Phone books
How to sort:  Put all paper in a sack, or stack paper loose in the bottom of the bin.

Not Accepted
Gift wrap paper, packing paper, styrofoam, or packing peanuts.  Place these in your garbage.

Glass is not accepted as a result of a declining market for glass collected, but may be recycled at additional recycling sites, including City Carton Recycling, East Side Recycling Center, Hy-Vee (North Dodge), and Iowa City Landfill and Recycle Center.

More Information
For more information about recycling, call 319.248.1740.